105 Rocks – Ängholm


This was my first genuinely off-piste rock and I was dead chuffed with myself for getting to tie to it. I nosed into one or two rocky bays before managing to get into this one. There’s a few charted, very shallow rocks across the bay, one of which a passing aluminium open speed boat managed to run into quite fast while I was there. But if you take it very, very slowly and can deal with the shallowness of the shore – my 1.4m draft boat was again anchored in 1.2m of water – it’s a fine, quiet spot. It was well sheltered from the south west in particular. There’s a very shallow, narrow channel leading between the two islands to the south. It’s only about half a metre deep, so you’ll not be able to use it, but a few small motorboats might disturb you.

Ängholm 1

There’s a shortage of handy trees, but rocks to tie to

Ängholm 2

As well as plenty of rocks to run into

Ängholm 3

The odd open boat disturbed the peace through this 1ft deep channel

Locate Ängholm on the map and find more adjacent harbours and marinas here.

Editors note: The every-mans right that gives boaters the right to tie up to uninhabited shores in Finland, does not apply on the Åland Islands. Hence it would be polite to only anchor up and not go ashore if you use this harbour.

Disclaimer. While Martin Edge and Sail in Finland have taken every precaution to ensure that the information in this post is correct, it is not a replacement for proper charts. Safe navigation is the responsibility of the skipper and Sail in Finland assumes no responsibility for accidents occurring while entering or leaving the harbour.