105 Rocks – Möholm – natural harbour


Möholm 1

Swedes with sprogs crowd in on the shirty yacht

Möholm 2

Möholm is hard to spot from outside but the channel is marked

Möholm 3

The moon’s over the yardarm. Time for another beer

This is one of the few natural harbours in Finland which is published in the pilots. Looking at the chart you’d not know there was a way in here, but actually there’s good, though unofficial, cardinal marks as well as leading lines in the form of triangles that you need to bring together. Once in it’s a large harbour with plenty of room to anchor and a private club harbour at the east end. With a strong northerly blowing I chose to tie to a rock on a separate wee island. This was fine except you’re struggling for good trees to tie to and might need a galvanised wedge or two. In a westerly or a southerly you’d probably be better on the useful looking rocks on the ‘main’ island to the south.

A couple of Swedish boats were already there when I arrived. I waved cheerily to the people on one, then went to the other end of the rock to tie up. Unsmiling, they disappeared below. A bloke came out on deck. I waved at him then started the fraught process of anchoring and leaping ashore, confident that he would come and take a line. He just stood there, staring at me, took a piss over the back of the boat and went back below. He was a very rare miserable, shirty bastard.

But I had the last laugh. When a rare Norwegian boat and 4 more Swedish boats, hooching with hyper noisy sprogs, showed up, I directed them to berth close up either side of the shirty bastard. The folk on HMS Shirty stayed below all evening as about 25 excitable people partied loudly all round them. A good spot and another handy stop just before or after crossing the Aland sea.



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