105 Rocks – Lillfjärden – natural harbour


This is another free nature reserve harbour with stern buoys. There’s not many spaces and you’ll have to squeeze around the end of the wooden quay that pokes out from the reedy shore. I was the first boat there and was joined by only one other. Ashore there’s a composting bog and a very elaborate barbeque area with a huge shelter. A good place to pitch a few tents if you’re wanting rid of your massive crew for the night. It’s a big bay and there’s loads of room to anchor. The quay might be a bit dodgy in a strong westerly. On the way into the bay I had a go at entering the larger harbour in the south east corner. Here there were pontoons with stern buoys and more facilities, including leccy. But this was a club harbour from which I was chased by the one, single boat occupying the massive facilities for about 50 boats. Miserable gits.

Lillfjärden 1

Fog on the Gulf of Finland

Fog on the Gulf of Finland

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More information on Lillfjärden can be found from: www.luonnonsatamat.fi

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