105 Rocks – Stora Brändö – natural harbour


This is a free, nature reserve harbour with a pontoon to tie to the outside of with the use of a stern buoy. Unfortunately there was an easterly blowing when I got there, making it a wee bit choppy on that coast. But I made the best of it by squeezing in behind the deserted pontoon and tying alongside it. I’d just got Zoph and me comfortable when A gale warning came on the radio. Easterly force 8 soon. I decided that this lee shore wasn’t the ideal place in a gale and buggered off to Stora Bredskär (No.99), less than half a mile away. In a westerly however this might be a pleasant spot to stop in. Watch out for the very shallow and drying rocks in the bay to the east (ed note: also watch out for the rock just in front of the jetty), particularly if heading from here to Stora Bredskär or, as I did, out, out through the rocks to the south looking to make a passage to Tallinn.

Underway to Stora Brändö

Underway to Stora Brändö

Before I tied to the pontoon I had skirted all round the island looking for an anchorage on a weather shore, but without much luck. Most of the way round the rock was a bit steep and the sea a bit deep. But you might have better luck finding a rock round here, depending on the wind direction. Because of my very short-lived tenure of this spot I omitted to take any photos, so this one is of motoring about in a dead flat calm between Elisaari and Helsinki, so pretty close to here really.

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More information on Stora Brändö can be found from: uuvi.fi

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