Cruising guides for Finland

Cruising guide book

"Sailing in Finland" guide book
The selection of cruising guides for Finland is very limited. Fortunately there exists one generic guidebook for the Finnish archipelago written by Antti Hannula. The book is called Sailing in Finland and you can find a review of the book here on this site.

Harbor guides

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One book series has dominated the harbor market for as long as I can remember. It is “The great harbour book” series published by the Turun Partio-Sissit sea scout troop from Turku. They have a series of 5 guides, covering the northern Baltic Sea (Finland, Sweden and Estonia) and the Finnish coasts and the Åland islands. Unfortunately only the Baltic and Bothnian Sea guides are in English, the other 3 are in Swedish and Finnish only. All of the guides can be bought online either directly from the sea scouts (site

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Example page from “The great harbour book”

For those fluent in Swedish, there is also a very recent book on the Åland islands. There is also the RCC/Imray crusing guide for the Baltic Sea (which Martin Edge did not have much love for, see his post here for details). And then we ofcourse have Martin Edge’s own guide 105 Rocks (lately 165 rocks) for which the Finnish parts have been kindly shared by Martin here in Sail in Finland (click here) but the Swedish parts is for sale on Amazon.

The table below lists the available guides with links to places where you can buy them on-line!

Area covered



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 Sailing in Finland English  review
 The Finnish Archipelago  Swedish
 The Åland Islands Swedish
 The Gulf of Finland Swedish
 The Sea of Bothnia English
 Northern Baltic Sea
 (Finland, Sweden 
 and Estonia)
 Åland Islands Swedish
 The Baltic/RCC English
 165 Rocks/Sweden
 east coast & Finland

Online guide

There is good on-line harbor guides  which Sail in Finland normally uses and refers to: because they have the information in English (as well as Swedish and Finnish). Unfortunately the similar guide for the lakes and natural harbors are no longer online.