Sailmakers in Finland

Do you have a torn sail that needs to be repaired? Or are you looking for a new sail? Whatever your sail needs are, one of the sailmakers in Finland will certainly be able to help you. The map below will help you find the most appropriate sail maker for your needs.

Sail lofts and sailmakers in Finland

Map icons courtesy of Nicolas Mollet/CC license

Contacting a sailmaker

If you need to have a sail serviced, the best way is to immediately call one of the sailmakers using the phone numbers listed in the map below. Most sailmakers will have staff that can provide service in English, Swedish and of course Finnish. Note that numbers starting with +345 40 … or +358 50 .. are mobile phone numbers.

How to get your sails to and from the sailmaker

If you are out in the archipelago or somewhere along the coast, far away from one of the major cities with sail lofts, the next question could be how you can get the sail to and from the sailmaker? Most likely, the Finnish public port system comes to your rescue. The bus companies in Finland operate a joint parcel service with parcel delivery to and from any destination serviced by long haul buses. The parcel service is operated by a company called Matkahuolto. Find out about the service and pricing on Matkahuolto’s parcel service info page. To help you locate a bus stop close to you, use Sail in Finland’s page with complete public transport information for travel to and from all the best sailing areas in Finland.