105 Rocks – Martin Edge’s guide to anchorages, natural harbours and marinas

Sail in Finland is honoured to be able to publish Martin Edge’s personal harbour pilot or guide to anchorages, natural harbours and marinas for the Finnish waters. The guide will be published during the spring of 2014.

One warning before you proceed. Make sure you check Martin’s guides well before entering any of the harbours presented. You will need some time to stop laughing before you engage in any critical harbour manouvres. Martin introduces his harbour pilot here.

Map of the Martin Edge’s sheltered anchorages, natural harbours and marinas in Finland.

Map icons courtesy of Nicolas Mollet/CC license

Guide to anchorages, natural harbours and marinas in Finland – the full list.

Full list of the anchorages, natural harbours and marinas presented by Martin Edge.

74Kobba Klintar 60° 01.821’N 19° 52.978’E
75Rödhamn 59° 59.122’N 20° 06.144’E
76Mariehamn East 60° 06.012’N 19° 56.832’E
77Möholm 59° 58.180’N 20° 17.240’E
78Svinösund 60° 12.146’N 20° 12.202’E
79Ängholm 60° 04.298’N 20° 30.315’E
80Sottunga 60° 06.609’N 20° 40.793’E
81Kökar 59° 55.251’N 20° 54.697’E
82Enklinge 60° 19.650’N 20° 45.940’E
83Lappo 60° 18.939’N 20° 59.758’E
84Jungfruskär 60° 08.367’N 21° 04.244’E
85Parattula or Laura Peterzen’s 60° 29.728’N 21° 26.512’E
86Västerön 60° 04.751’N 21° 20.112’E
87Björkö 59° 54.554’N 21° 40.795’E
88Boskär 60° 01.980’N 21° 46.541’E
89Nagu/Nauvo 60° 11.729’N 21° 54.641’E
90Glosan 60° 01.732’N 21° 46.894’E
91Birsskär 60° 04.325’N 22° 02.506’E
92Helsingholm 60° 01.821’N 22° 16.895’E
93Rosala 59° 51.761’N 22° 25.247’E
94Hanko/Hangö 59° 49.167’N 22° 57.992’E
95Modermagan 59° 51.453’N 23° 25.422’E
96Jussarö 59° 49.861’N 23° 34.343’E
97Elisaari 59° 58.746’N 23° 54.635’E
98Stora Brändö 60° 02.650’N 24° 36.082’E
99Stora Bredskär 60° 02.537’N 24° 36.756’E
(10)0Helsinki (HMVK) 60° 10.411’N 24° 57.830’E
(10)1Bockhamn 60° 16.077’N 25° 59.829’E
(10)2Lillifjärden 60° 16.988’N 26° 06.189’E
(10)3Kaunissari 60° 20.644’N 26° 46.527’E
(10)4Haapasaari 60° 17.327’N 27° 11.697’E
(10)5Koursalo 60° 27.943’N 27° 23.710’E


Martin Edge has published a number of books on sailing, you can find them all on Amazon. His latest book is an extended version of the 105 Rocks, now 165 Rocks after Martin spent 2014 on the east coast of Sweden and updated the book with a number of Swedish harbors. You can buy “165 Rocks: and other stuff to tie your boat to in eastern Sweden and Finland” in paperback also on Amazon.co.uk for just £13.99 and for $27 on Amazon.com.