105 Rocks – Rödhamn – guest harbour



Rödhamn sunset

Rödhamn is a popular harbour as a first stop in Aland on the way to Mariehamn. It’s well sheltered from most directions. The stern buoy appear to be designed for 80ft superyachts, so have a very long line available. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the wooden quay and numbered spaces. The one we approached at first had a dirty great underwater rock, about 2ft down, right in front of it.

There’s bugger-all facilities apart from a composting bog and a pricey, occasionally open coffee shop (Ed. note: you can also rent a sauna). The self-righteous tones of the bloke who runs the place explaining the ecological benefits of not having mains electricity would have been more convincing had he not had a dirty great diesel generator lighting up his own house all night.


The jetty in Rödhamn runs along the rocky shore.

The harbour office and cafeteria.

The harbour office and cafeteria.

The island is a pleasant, rocky place to wander. The main building in the centre used to be a radio station and has an interesting museumy bit. In Rödhamn we met more British yachties, based in the Baltic permanently, who absolutely refused to anchor by the stern or get on and off the boat by the bow. How on earth these folk manage with their approach I  don’t know.


The small swimming jetty in front of the sauna.

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More information on Rödhamn can be found from: www.guestharbours.fi

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