HSS Classic Symposium 2014 – presentation videos

The HSS yacht club (Helsingfors Segelsällskap) arranges an annual symposium on classic yachts at Helsinki International Boat Show, the HSS Classic Symposium 2014. This time the theme of the symposium was breakthrough classics.

Robbe & Berking Classics

Sönke Stich, CEO of Robbe & Berking Classics talks about the history of the boat yard completed and current projects and classic racing where the yard has been involved.

The slides for the presentation can be found on Slideshare.net/SailInFinland.

12mR Blue Marlin restoration

Possibly the biggest and most ambitious yacht restoration project currently ongoing in Finland is the restoration of the 12mR yacht Blue Marlin a the Red Sky yard in Kotka, Finland. The current owner of the yacht, Henrik Andersin, talks about the restoration project. Blue Marlin will sail this summer and will offer opportunities to sail in the yacht. Stay tuned!


The history of Baltic Yachts

Baltic Yachts is a fantastic story of a company that started in a small hangar-like building on the west coast of Finland and grew to become of the leading yards producing some of the best high tech sailing yacht in the world. For the first time, the story of Baltic Yachts is being told in person by one of the founders, PG Johansson.

The slides for the presentation can be found on Slideshare.net/SailInFinland.

Sparkman & Stephens yachts in Finland in the 1960’s

Sparkman & Stephens (the famours S&S) were popular designers in Finland in the 1960’s. Quite a few (by Finnish standards) yachts were built in Finland based on S&S designs. Lars Ström (of Nautor fame) looks back at these 1060’s activities. They are of particular interest to all Nautor Swan enthusiasts as Nautor was one of the boat yards that started out with these S&S designs. Unfortunately, Nautor is the only yard that still lives on but most of the boats themselves still sail.

The slides for the presentation can be found on Slideshare.net/SailInFinland.

The history of the Finnish Hai class yacht (Haj)

If one would have to choose a “national yacht” for Finland, the Hai (Haj in Swedish) would be one of the strongest contestants. Designed in 1930 by Gunnar L. Stenbäck as an affordable, “every-mans” yacht, the Hai turned out to be a huge success. Simple to build, the Hai could be mass produced. The boat also had a cabin and could therefore be used both for racing as well as cruising (the requirements for cruising were a bit different in the 1930’s). Petri Wilska, the owner of perhaps the most beautiful Hai in Finland, the “Myrskylintu“, tells the story of the Hai from early design to today’s class activities. See the boat out on the water in this short video by Sail in Finland.

The slides for the presentation can be found on Slideshare.net/SailInFinland.

Coaching sailors

Chris Winter is an experienced sailing coach. Chris talked about what a sailing coach does and how classic yacht sailors could benefit from coaching.