105 Rocks – Boskär – anchorage



On the way to Boskär

This one’s a bit of a cheat, as I didn’t actually stay here. I did however go ashore, albeit briefly. I found reference to a nature reserve harbour here with good mooring by stern anchor to a quay, with composting bog provided. Obviously everyone else knew something I didn’t, since when I arrived there was no sign of any other boats anywhere, at the busiest time of the summer. There was however a small paper notice pinned to the quay. It explained that the quay was dangerous and out of bounds for the moment. ‘No problem’ I thought, ‘I’ll just tie up to a rock somewhere in the wee bay, just off the quay.

Five minutes later I stood on the low rock ashore looking at Zoph, gently but firmly stuck in the mud a couple of metres away and pondered the knotty problem of how to get back on board. Eventually I managed to pull her far enough in and re-board, at the cost of a couple of damp feet. I spent another twenty minutes approaching other rocks around the bay.


Archipelago sunset

All of them were too shallow to approach and the sandy bay dries out quite quickly as you go inshore of the guest quay. In the end I decided that the only feasible place to tie up here is actually to the out-of-bounds quay. Even the inshore end of that was a bit shallow, but the offshore end should be OK.

Perhaps when you get there it’ll be open again, but don’t rely on it. Due to my brief stop I’ve not got any pictures of this one, I’m afraid. (ed. note: Boskär is currently advertised as “anchorage” only, there is also an other bay for anchoring a bit to the north)

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More information on Boskär can be found from: www.guestharbours.fi

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